On the road again...

Our performance schedule takes us west west for the Greater Kansas City Japan Festival, where we'll be performing with local taiko group, Three Trails Taiko. Learn more about our upcoming shows, find out where to purchase our newest studio album, Misotose, plus welcome our newest board member, Michael Faris, in our latest newsletter.

Shishi-mai Debut

We are excited to announce the addition of the Shishi-mai, or Lion Dance, to our group! Our Shishi-mai recently made its debut at the Focal Point; you can see more of it this Labor Day weekend at the Missouri Botanical Garden Japanese Festival. See our Shishi-mai, plus get more information on the upcoming Japanese Festivals in St. Louis and Springfield, MO, in our latest newsletter.

CD Update

Thanks to the generous support of our backers, we have been devoting the past several months to recording our new album! Read about our progress, plus learn about Ibuki, one of the songs in our new CD, in our latest newsletter.

Summer classes are beginning soon!

We had a great time as the Adult Beginner's Class ended the spring session with a recital for family and friends. Learn more about the recital, check out our summer class options, and learn the history behind Rhythm Sandwich, one of the songs to appear on our forthcoming CD, in our latest newsletter.

See the Dashi, Our Festival Float

Learn about our dashi, or parade float, and how you can join the dashi procession at the Missouri Botanical Garden Japanese Festival in our newsletter.

Anatomy of a Taiko Costume

Are you curious about the costumes we wear at our performances? Learn about our costume history, get an update on our upcoming album, and learn the history behind our popular song, "Oni-Daiko," by Laura Sexauer, in our newsletter.

Taiko is good exercise for the body and mind!

Did you know that taiko is a great form of exercise and offers many other health benefits? Learn more about the health benefits of drumming and check out our spring class schedule in our latest newsletter.

What We Learned from kaDON

Find out what we learned at our recent kaDON workshop with Shoji Kameda and the other amazing musicians from On Ensemble and meet our newest member in our newsletter.

Thank You for Backing Our New CD

Thanks to all our generous backers, we've been able to not only meet but exceed our original Kickstarter campaign goal of $3,500 for a grand total of $5,753. This allows us to buy even higher-quality recording equipment to make an even better CD!

Find out more about our plans for a new CD, plus read about our new class sessions for beginners, advanced and youth, an upcoming workshop with kaDON pros and a profile on board member, Clare Kanoya, in our our newsletter.

"Top 15 Things St. Louisans Take for Granted"

We're honored to be called a "clear highlight" of the annual Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden as part of a new list of the "Top 15 Things St. Louisans Take for Granted" from

We love performing for thousands of fans at the festival every Labor Day weekend.

Read more here.

Watch Us Play in Video

Watch our performance video. You can also view the rest of our videos on the video page.

Book Show, Review Press Kit

We perform and give workshops at international festivals, concert halls, businesses, schools, universities, conventions, parades and fundraisers. If you or someone you know is interested in having us perform at a special event, find more information on our new press kit page and request a performance with our online form.

Like Us, Follow Us

Become a fan of St. Louis Osuwa Taiko on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Our CD

Our CD, Drive, is available for download at iTunesCD Baby and Amazon Music. You can also purchase it at select performances, along with our T-shirts, hachimaki (headbands), sensu (folding fans) and other goodies.


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